Hard Disk

CNC milling manufacturing company provides precision machining services for hard disk drives (HDDs), including the fabrication of relevant components. Our expertise in CNC milling allows us to produce highly precise components and sub-assemblies for this industry.


We have CNC milling capabilities to produce precision components for automotive manufacturers. We ensure high precision and quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. Whether it's prototyping, small-batch production, or large-scale manufacturing, we can meet the specific requirements of automotive manufacturers.

Medical Devices

Our advanced CNC milling equipment, we can produce precision components required for medical devices. Whether it's metal or plastic materials, we are adaptable to specific project requirements and can meet customer demands. We offer medical device manufacturers high-quality and customized component manufacturing and support.

Food Industries M/C

We can provide precision components for the manufacturing of food industry machinery. We process them according to customer requirements, whether it's manufacturing specific project components or mass production, offering customized machining solutions to ensure high precision and quality.

Cell Phones

We can assist in producing precise components for cell phones industry, and provide customized machining solutions according to customer requirements. Whether it's prototyping or mass production, we ensure high precision and quality.

Electronic Appliance

We can provide customized precision component manufacturing and machining solutions for the electronic appliance industry, dedicated to collaborating with our clients, meeting their needs, and contributing to the success and development of their products.

Computers & Printers

We specialize in producing precision components required for computers and printers using advanced CNC milling technology and also work with various materials. Using advanced inspection equipment and methods, we thoroughly inspect each component to meet specifications and standards. Our focus is on delivering high accuracy, reliability, and technical support to contribute to the success and development of our clients' products.