Quality Control

Quality is our top priority throughout the production process. To demonstrate our unwavering commitment, we have obtained and maintained ISO 9001:2015 certification. Recognizing the significant impact that quality issues during the assembly process can have on various departments and potential delays in customer workflows, we are dedicated to mitigating such disruptions and adhering to timely delivery schedules.

Our quality inspection department is equipped with advanced inspection technology, ensuring exceptional accuracy and engineering excellence. This includes a range of tools such as CMM machines, Video measuring machines, Digital height gauges, and more. We also provide comprehensive test data reporting services.
CMM Machine
Brand : TESA

Model : Micro-Hite 3D

Measuring Range : (X-460 x Y-510 x Z-420mm)
Height Gauges
Brand : TESA

Model: TESA-HITE magna 400

Measuring Range : Z-400
Video Measuring Scope
Brand : Solid Black

Model: Focuz 3020A

Measuring Range : X-300 x Y-200 x Z-200
Q & A
1. How long is your delivery time?
It usually takes 7-14 days, depending on the drawing. If it's urgent, we can arrange it with our ERT department.
2. Where is your company located?
Our company is located in the Malaysia Johor Bahru Skudai area.
3. Do your raw materials have certificates?
Yes, we have certificates. We can provide RoHS Certs or Mill Certs if needed.
4. How do you handle delivery? Does it take a long time?
We usually use transportation for delivery. Logistics delivery to Singapore every day, so once picked up, the delivery will be made the next day. In case of urgent items, we also have motorcycles to assist with delivery, which can arrive on the same day.
5. What if there are problems with the parts upon arrival?
Typically, we would arrange for the motorcycle to retrieve the parts and deliver them back to you the next day, depending on the circumstances. However, before shipment, our QC department thoroughly inspects the parts to ensure a smooth delivery process without causing any delays to your work schedule.
6. If my designer made a mistake in the design and needs your help to make modifications, what should I do?
Don't worry, we provide free modification services. We can help customer to arrange for the motorcycle to pick up and deliver the items, or customers can make their own arrangements if preferred.
7. Can your plating process provide RoHS certificates?
Rest assured, if there are specific requirements, the plating factory can provide RoHS certificates.
8. Does your company have CMM machine?
Yes, our company has CMM and others equipment. We also have ISO9001:2015 certification, and we conduct inspections based on AQL quantity and 100% virtual checking before shipment.

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